How to Heal a Haunting

Bernie Corsten, Reiki Master

Have you ever gotten the feeling like maybe your house is haunted? Does your house have a history of a disturbing event or events?

Such a history of place may manifest itself as bad luck, depression, odd illnesses or disease, frequent arguments with your partner, unexplained anger or fatigue – or just an uneasy “feeling”.

Toxic Energies

You may not be wrong. Often, what people think of as a “haunting” or demonic spirit is actually the toxic energy imprint of a traumatic or highly emotional event, or multiple events, that happened in the house or building in the past.

This could range from a murder, to an abusive relationship, to a deeply and emotionally disturbed occupant, or even simply a sad, lonely life and death.

Such toxic and negative energies can attach themselves to a place, lingering for years or even decades, exercising a hidden yet palpable effect on visitors and residents living in the space.

Energy “Vampires”

In some cases, people have reported the effect to be so strong that efforts to sell the house meet with continued failure, as potential buyers are left with an inexplicable sense of un-ease and uncomfortableness upon visiting the property.

Even churches and public buildings can be burdened with the effects of these toxic energy “vampires”.

An Energy Cleansing

Many people are increasingly turning to spiritual healers to rid themselves of these negative energies. Reiki practitioners like Reiki Master Bernie Corsten of Dragonfly Spiritual Healing in Wausau use special techniques along with their innate spiritual gifts to negate the toxic energies and to spiritually cleanse the building, leaving the way for positive energies to flow again. Energy clearings can even be done remotely.

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About the Author

Bernie Corsten is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and offers Space Clearing as part of her Reiki practice. She is certified in Interior Alignment and Space Clearing, and is also certified in Laughter Yoga through the National Wellness Institute in Stevens Point.

A professional realtor for many years, Bernie's transition from realtor to space clearer and healer came as a result of her experiences working with various properties and real estate transactions. Reiki clearings can also be done remotely.

Through her Reiki practice since 1995, Bernie has proved Reiki's ability to heal on a personal level. This success encouraged her to bring energy healing to help clients improve their home and workplace through Space Clearing. In recent years, Bernie has cleared apartments for landlords who have had tenant problems, and for homes that have been burglarized or suffered other traumatic events.

Bernie can be contacted for space clearing and Reiki sessions at